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Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2021 Registration and Cancellation

Why was Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2021 cancelled?

We value our attendees and the experience you have come to expect at all of Parker Seminars’ events. While we have remained hopeful that circumstances would change and allow for a safe and successful event, due to Nevada’s strict COVID-19 capacity restrictions and the impact this will make on the experience we can deliver, we have cancelled the event.

What if I already registered?

If you have already registered for the event, you can transfer your registration to the XR virtual event taking place online during the same time, or you can request a refund. If you choose to transfer your registration, you will have the opportunity to be first in line to register early for Las Vegas 2022 at a special price during the virtual event.

What if I haven’t registered yet and I want to go?

​You can still register for the XR virtual event and receive your CE credits, if applicable. Once registered, you are eligible for early registration for the Las Vegas 2022 live event.

What about Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2022?

We will be returning to our always-amazing, world’s largest chiropractic live event structure with the best speakers and entertainment!


How do I register:

You can register by clicking on the seminar you are interested in. There, you’ll see a Register button, on the top right corner of the page.

How much does the Seminar cost?

The pricing varies per seminar and the role selected when you register.

Are Parker Seminars always free for alumni?

You qualify for Parker Alumni’s Free for Three program, if you graduated within the last three years of this year’s seminars. The Free for Three program waives your entire registration fee for the first three years post-graduation.

Is there a penalty if an attendee from my group package can no longer attend the Seminar?

If one of the members in your office package needs to cancel before the event, that member will be charged a 20% cancellation fee on their registration. The other members of the office package will remain unaffected.

Is there a discount to add an additional attendee to my registration?

We do not offer an add-on process discount, unless you have already signed up for the Office Package. If you have at least 3 people that you would like registered, you can currently register as a group.


Do I automatically receive CE hours while attending the seminar?

When registering online for the seminar,enter in your license type, location and license number. If you are licensed in more than one state, be sure to enter each one.

How many CE hours will I get?

The available continuing education credits vary per seminar.

*All CE hours are pending your licensing board’s approval. CE credits are provided by Parker University. PACE accepts whole hour increments only.

Which boards are approved for my CE hours?

The status for each state’s board approval for live classes can be found on the Continuing Education page of the seminar’s website.

Do the CE classes fill up?

Seating in live classes is limited. We plan ahead to accommodate everyone, but we cannot guarantee that registrants will be able to attend the classes they prefer. Because we can award continuing education credit only to those who attend the class, we recommend you arrive early while space is available.

Do you send my hours to my state or do I?

Procedures vary from state/province to state/province. Please check with your licensing board for exact determination.

How soon can I expect to receive notice of the hours I took?

We work diligently to process the information from the attendance tracking details, prepare the CE attendance vouchers and send them to the appropriate locations. You should expect to receive notification within six to eight weeks of the conference conclusion.

Is there anything special I need to do when I attend the conference to get Continued Education credits?

You must register for continuing education prior to the seminar (CE is included in the Registration fee).

Live Event Rules:

  • Pick up a copy of the Board Status sheet when you pick up your name badge.
  • Attend the classes that are marked CE on your program (not all classes are eligible for CE credits) and have been approved by your Board.
  • For your attendance to be recorded, have the bar code on your name badge scanned as you enter and exit each CE session. Not doing so will negate your hours. Coming in late and leaving early will affect your overall hours.
  • Your attendance documentation will be available in approximate six to eight weeks following the seminar.

As a continuing education provider, Parker University is obligated by the state/province chiropractic boards to monitor attendance in each CE class. This means we must ensure registrants are actually attending CE classes. Arriving late or leaving early will affect your overall class time. Don’t hesitate to ask the CE monitor for assistance or to answer any questions you may have. Please help us help you obtain your renewal hours by following this process.

Please check the website under Continuing Education Approvals or contact the continuing education department of Parker University at 800-266-4723.

Which classes count towards my CE credits and when are they held?

Please check the online schedule. CE classes are designated by legend on the PDF grid schedule.

Why do I have to sign in and out of classes?

Your licensing board requires you to have a certain number of continuing education hours to renew your license. Only specific classes/topics are approved by your particular board. Your board requires that Parker University report your attendance in an approved CE class to them. The best way to do this is to record what class you attended – scanning in and out allows us to do so.

Please note: Scanning into a class and then leaving the class area is not permitted. You must scan in and out for credit. Licensing boards reserve the right to request proof of attendance.


How can I become a speaker?

Prior to each seminar, we receive over 100 requests for platform time and even more for our annual Vegas seminar. We have many more applicants than we have speaking slots available, particularly when many of the existing program slots are filled with regular Parker Team Teachers and Special Celebrity Guests.

Please know that we review all applications carefully, depending upon what subject is needed for each seminar. We then proceed to a vetting procedure, making sure that the invited speaker is an expert in their field, has platform skills, and is completely fluent in the subject to be shared with our audiences. Once a speaker is selected, we then provide them with a copy of Parker Policies and Procedures that must be understood and agreed to before a contract is signed.

The speaker application can be found at: https://parkerseminars.com/speaker-application-request/

Who are the speakers?

Our keynote speakers can be found under the Speaker tab on each seminar’s website.