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Do you have questions? We’ve got answers! This is your one-stop-shop for any and all questions you may have about Parker Seminars Dallas.

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Become a Speaker FAQs

We are committed to advancing the value of Parker Seminars for our attendees through interactive and facilitative courses. By capitalizing audience engagement and participation, Parker speakers help attendees better retain and implement information. Parker Seminars is more likely to select speakers who can present in an interactive and facilitative manner whenever possible.
Ways to make your presentation more facilitative

  • one or two small group or individual exercises
  • live polling feature on the Parker Seminars mobile application (poll questions/answers must be submitted no later than one week prior to the event)
  • elicit audience volunteers

Those who are proficient in techniques, nutrition, documentation, coding, radiology, examination and treatment procedures, sports care, risk management, and other similar topics. Since Parker accredits its courses in nearly all states, the most stringent state CE regulations must be followed. Therefore, either a DC or other doctorate level degree (ie., PhD, MD, DO) is required and significant expertise in the material being taught must be evident in your CV. In order to maintain course variety for our attendees, speaker selection for each event is dependent on relevance of the topic as well as when similar topics were last presented at Parker Seminars. Selection of speakers for our online CE classes is separate from Parker Seminars, but we strongly encourage all CE speakers to consider presenting content both online and at our live events.

Those who have studied the Parker System or can contribute a specific module of the Parker system because they have a unique area of expertise that can help chiropractors in practice. Such speakers must be thoroughly familiar with both Parker Principles and Parker Practice System, and be familiar with other Essential Parker Procedure classes so all the information presented by each speaker is congruent. As such, speakers who have successfully completed GTO’s and have attended numerous Parker Seminars will have higher favorability in the selection process. Both chiropractors and CA’s are invited to apply as speakers in this category. The classes are preset by Parker, and appropriate speakers are selected to teach the particular classes in their ares of expertise.

Parker maintains a strong firewall between speaker selection and corporate sponsorship. Therefore, the quality of the content at Parker Seminars supersedes corporate affiliation. All speaker applicants will be reviewed using the same credentials, regardless of corporate sponsorship. Once you have been selected to speak at a Parker event, please let us know if you do have a corporate sponsor. Sponsors are eligible to submit speaker applications for their speakers, however such sponsorship has no bearing whatsoever on a speaker being selected.

Parker Seminars receives a vast amount of qualified speaker applicants during the submission period. Put simply, there are far too many speaker applicants for the slots that Parker has for each seminar. As much as we would love to accept every candidate, each event only has a few spaces available for speakers. Our committee takes a lot of time and care selecting the individuals that best fit the goal of the program.

If you feel that you are qualified to present your information and do so in a new and interesting way, there are two steps that you can take to improve your chances of selection:

  1. Start attending consecutive Parker Seminars to become a GTO member
  2. Submit an online course

While we share your eagerness to speak for Parker Seminars, your enthusiasm should be balanced, not excessive. The quickest way to reduce your selection chances is to frequently email and call Parker staff about your application after it has been submitted. We are happy to assist you if you have any specific questions. However, calling to check your application status or to remind us that you have other events does not help your selection.

The Parker podium is available to encourage, motivate and educate chiropractors to do better in practice. Your presentation must focus on your topic and not on promoting products or services during your presentation.

Parker has a strict no selling from the podium policy for all classes. This includes, but is not limited to, mentioning your company, product, service, or website by name or image. Instead, Parker offers the opportunity for you to have a table directly outside of your classroom at no charge. Additionally, you can consider purchasing a booth in the expo hall, a promotion in the Parker Seminars mobile app, or a Parker sponsorship where it is more appropriate to discuss your company, products, and services.

Speakers who violate this no selling policy will not be tolerated and will automatically have their invitation to speak for Parker Seminars revoked for one to three years.

Those who have already achieved exemplary success as chiropractic speakers, leaders and teachers. These individuals are often prolific speakers in their own right and frequently have experience delivering 25 or more extremely well-polished presentations to large audiences. The messages in these classes focus on personal growth and development, chiropractic philosophy and science, and motivational stories.

  • You, the Speaker, must personally make the presentation at the designated time and place. We want you to be present for the entire seminar to show support for the other speakers, promote the program, and be available for interaction with the attendees and other speakers.
  • Parker Seminars strongly encourages all of our speakers to bring their staff.
  • All speakers for Parker Seminars should be familiar with and knowledgeable of the Parker Principles (PP) and Parker Success Principles (PSP). Integration of the PP and PSP into the speaker’s lecture will help synchronize the speaker’s message with all other speakers at the event and help for the attendees to better integrate the principles into their practices.
  • Pending acceptance and signature of the Parker Seminars Speaker Agreement, you grant us permission to use your name, picture, voice, video, and biographical information to promote your presentation.

Parker reimburses speakers with a pre-set stipend to cover travel and lodging and provide a nominal honorarium.

  • Speakers who travel less than 200 miles to attend Parker Seminars receive $1000
  • Speakers who travel 200 miles or more to attend Parker Seminars receive $1800

Speakers who seek their own sponsors may earn more for their speaking engagement depending on what their particular sponsor is paying them.

Each speaker needs to submit:

  • An updated CV
  • Proposed course summary and outline
  • a recent head-shot
  • a short video of them speaking

Speaker candidates must submit their required materials (see below) November-January in order to be considered for a Parker speaker role for the following calendar year. The candidates are then reviewed and selected in February for the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, submissions outside the “Speaker Call for Submission” may not be considered.

Practice Makes Perfect
The more frequently you speak, the better you will become at presenting your material. While Parker Seminars is the largest gathering of chiropractors, there are many other chiropractic events that can benefit from CE and philosophy speakers. The Parker team often attends these events and may discover your talents there!

Each of our Parker Seminars holds a “Parker Star Search” where applicants can gain additional recognition. As a Chiropractor or Chiropractic Assistant, you can audition live! Prepare your best 3-5 minute talk on a Chiropractic topic that you can present without slides or notes to a small audience. A panel of Parker Speakers will serve as judges and the Parker team will be using the Parker Star Search to discover the next generation of speakers.

Parker Seminars is fortunate to receive hundreds of speaker applications each year. Parker is committed to presenting the best speakers and relevant content that will benefit today’s chiropractors.

There are three types of classes at Parker Seminars:

  • The Essential Parker Procedures
  • Continuing Education Classes
  • Motivation/Philosophy/Achievement Programs.

Each of these types of classes can also be presented online, which is a good way to help build your Parker speaker profile. The first step to becoming a Parker Speaker is choosing the type at which you think you would best fit.

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