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Are you Parker Fit?

What Does Being Parker Fit Mean To You?

Is it being physically or philosophically fit? Is it having great business practices? Great Chiropractic Assistants? We have it ALL! Join us for Parker Seminars Dallas 2017 at Parker University October 6-8 and become Parker FIT!

$99 Special DC Pricing

Parker Seminars Dallas 2017 will be Hosted at the Parker University Campus

2540 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX 75229


Having the seminar on the Parker University campus gives us the opportunity to showcase our home, students, and faculty who comprise the living organism of the Parker University experience. Be prepared for an exciting, inspiring, and enjoyable time with us at Parker.

This year will also mark Dallas Seminar’s first annual ParkerFit competition in our new state of the art ParkerFit Functional Fitness Center. There will be dancing, great music, BBQ smoked to perfection right here at the event, and more!

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2540 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
Parker Seminars