Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn, DC

Principles of a Successful Practices

The documentaries Doctored and Undoctored brings a focus to the struggles of the pioneers of the profession and Dr. Mike’s father, who was the president of the state association of Louisiana when it became the last state to license the profession in 1974. Dr. Mike was born in Davenport, Iowa where his father, following his military service in World War II, was a student at Palmer College. A childhood accident put him in the hospital and his mother always reminded him that he when he was brought home he received his very first adjustment from Dr. BJ Palmer.. A 1975 graduate of Texas Chiropractic College, Dr. Mike has served his profession as president of his state association, president of his state board of examiners, state delegate to the ACA and later Chairman of the Board of Governors for two years. At the beginning of this year he stepped-away from 15 years of service to the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), an organization that represents approximately 90 country associations around the globe. He served for ten years on the WFC executive committee and two years as president (2010-2012). He was also president of his local Chamber of Commerce – the same Chamber of Commerce that denied his father membership during the 20 years he practiced prior to licencure.