Why is Parker University building a Neuroscience research and clinical center?

Parker University and Parker Seminars have an acute desire to help those who suffer from neurologic dysfunction.  We need to train modern, evidence-based, DCs and CAs to advance the future of the profession.  Building a Neuroscience-focused facility promotes that advancement of Chiropractic to students, practitioners, and the general public, driving a positive message throughout.

Please help us!

Over 30% of the suffering of humankind worldwide is due to neurological dysfunction.  Help Chiropractic establish its role in the management of these conditions and increase the profession’s interaction in multidisciplinary settings, thus increasing acceptance by all audiences.  Parker University is continuing its mission to become the innovator and leader in Chiropractic education and guidance by promoting advanced, evidence-based care in a venue built specifically for research, technique, and philosophy.